Need tire storage in Boulder?

We pickup, store, and deliver your seasonal tires.

Seasonal Tire Storage in Boulder, Colorado

How it Works

1. Schedule your tire swap

We work with all tire shops and dealerships in the Boulder area.

2. We pickup and store your tires

We’ll pickup your off-season set directly from the tire shop or dealership. Tires are stored in our secure warehouse.

3. We deliver before your next swap.

We’ll bring your tires to the tire shop or dealership before your next swap.

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Benefits of Seasonal Tire Storage in Boulder

  • Never touch your tires again…we do all the work!
  • Keep your car clean!
  • Save space in your garage or apartment!
  • No hassle delivery before your next tire appointment!
  • Tires stay safe, dry, and ready for next season!
  • Extend the life of your tires by swapping regularly and storing them in our safe warehouse.

Never touch your tires again

Tire storage program details:

  • For new customers, we will pickup your tires directly from the tire shop usually within 24 hours. Just sign up and we’ll do all the coordination with the shop or dealership.
  • Your account will be charged each month. You can also cancel at anytime and request delivery of your tires, but please remember there is a 4-month minimum.
  • Tires are individually labeled and stored in our secure, alarmed facility. We’ll keep them safe!
  • Tire delivery information: During the typical tire swap seasons, we need one business day’s notice to deliver your tires. Out-of-season deliveries require at least 2 business day’s notice.
    1. Spring swap season: April 1 – May 31 (1 business day notice)
    2. Winter swap season: Oct 1 – Nov 30 (1 business day notice)
    3. Deliveries outside these windows require at least 2 business day’s notice.

Typical Tire Storage Seasons in the Boulder Area

Winter Season: October 1 – April 30
Summer Season: May 1 – September 30

How does the delivery/pickup work?

1. For new customers: simply sign up. If you’re already at the tire shop, we’ll pickup your tires usually within 24 hours. If you have an upcoming appointment, we’ll get the details and pick up your tires for storage shortly afterwards. You never have to touch your tires again!

2. For customers with tires already in storage:

1. Tell us you have an appointment: You will be emailed a delivery request form where you can let us know about your upcoming tire swap appointment. We need 1-2 business day’s notice to deliver tires.

2. We will deliver your tires before your appointment: No hassle for you…just show up with your vehicle and your tires will be there waiting.

3. We will pickup your other tires after your appointment: we’ll coordinate directly with the tire shop or dealership to retrieve your off-season tire set.

Already a tire storage customer?

Service area for Boulder tire storage customers:

We serve the entire Boulder area with tire storage. Boulder pricing ($23/month) is applicable to the following areas: Boulder, Superior, Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville, Erie,  and other areas close-by. Click here for Denver area tire storage.

If you have questions, just contact us.

Have questions about our seasonal tire storage program?

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