This crazy adventure started with a set of snow tires.

The founder of Colorado Tire Storage, Cameron Smith, moved to Denver in the summer of 2015 with his family and when the snow began to fall that first Winter, he knew he needed to upgrade his tires so he could survive the weekend ski trips.

So, he bought some studded snow tires which undoubtedly transformed his VW Golf into a snow beast. Then, he simply put his old summer tires into the guest bedroom to wait till Spring.

the four wheels

Big mistake.

Cameron’s wife quickly told him that that was not an adequate place to store the tires. She wanted a proper bedroom for guests. Conundrum. Rent was already expensive and the thought of paying an extra $75/month for self storage went out the door as quickly as a show at Red Rocks sells out.  

But, Cameron’s choice was clear: spend the money for tire storage or have an upset wife.

He chose neither and instead launched a small business to solve storage problems for people.

Since beginning in 2016, he found two great niches to provide easy storage experiences. 

  • Colorado Tire Storage offers seasonal tire storage: This was the literal start of the business! We pickup, store, and deliver thousands of tires to local tire shops and dealerships throughout Denver and Boulder. Our customers never have to touch their tires or deal with the hassle of transporting them. We do all the work! Originally, this business operated under the SquirrelBox name, but now is known as Colorado Tire Storage.
  • SquirrelBox offers easy college student storage: Our sister business, SquirrelBox, offers a valet storage service at colleges throughout Colorado. We pickup, store, and return thousands of boxes each summer. Our full-service approach alleviates the burden and physical labor involved with students moving in/out of dorms and apartments while they study.

Cameron and his wife had no idea that their own tire storage problem would end up becoming a local business that stores thousands of tires for our community and thousands of boxes for college students.

Fast forward three years and I, a young entrepreneur named Jack Herrick came along, worked for Colorado Tire Storage and then bought the business from Cameron Smith. 

Today, we’re a proud family-owned, Veteran-founded business serving the Denver and Boulder communities.

Lastly, to all our customers, you’ve trusted us and let us store your things. I’m honored and humbled, and I’m forever grateful.

If you’re not a customer, we hope you’ll consider becoming one. Safely storing your items is our priority and we won’t let you down. If you have any questions, please reach out directly to me.


Jack Herrick

A few fun facts:

  • We landed our first customer one week after launch!

  • Our most unique item stored has been a massive bean bag chair that took two people to carry!

  • The average set of tires weighs about 100 pounds!

  • For the first 25 years of the car, tires where white! A chemical was added to make the rubber stronger but also resulted in turning the rubber white.

  • Which company manufactures the most tires? Lego! Yep, they make over 300 million miniature rubber tires for their customers each year.

Veteran & Family Business

  • Cameron Smith served on active duty in the Army for over 5 years as a Logistics Officer. He currently still serves in the U.S. Army Reserves.

  • Jack has always had great appreciation for veterans and is apart of the Navy Seal Foundation which provides support to warriors, veterans and their families. 

  • Jack is an avid traveler, winter activity enthusiasts and has recently embarked on a new journey: becoming the best storage owner and operator in Colorado.